Knoxville Videos

4-H Service

In Tennessee, 4-H enrollment tends to decline as kids get older. But some young people continue their work through their college years. Collegiate 4-H’ers at UT-Knoxville say they’re more focused than ever on community service.

Quonset Barn

Most barns are pretty standard in shape – square or rectangular, and usually painted red with a loft to store hay. But now some Tennessee farmers are looking at a more-modern day barn that’s built to last a long time.

Climate Zones

A string of recent warm winters has a national arborist group calling for a change to Tennessee’s USDA climate zone. That means certain plants could be sold here that previously were in gardens much further south of the Volunteer State.

4-H Improv

It’s a challenge for an actor — improvisational performances where they must make the scene come to life with no script or rehearsals. Some talented young actors in Tennessee 4-H are involved in a special improv troupe.

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