Knoxville Videos

Before You Tie the Knot

June is a big month for weddings. While the ceremony will likely be blissful for the bride and groom – there’s a marriage that comes later. UT Extension is working in a special program to help couples have a successful marriage.

More Corn

Inspired by the ethanol boom – American farmers intend to plant 90 million acres of corn this year – the highest total since World War Two. In Tennessee, our producers are doing the same.

Sod Farm

If you’re envious of your neighbor’s perfectly manicured lawn — know that homeowner may have had some help growing that pretty grass. Sod farming is a 30 million dollar agricultural industry in Tennessee, and our state’s producers grow about 15-thousand acres of turf each year.

Vet Fat Camp

Many pets are like their owners — a few pounds too heavy. The UT College of Veterinary Medicine works with animals in a special “Fat Camp” program where the focus is a better diet and increased exercise for pets.

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