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Teachers & Forestry

Most Tennessee schools are either back in session, or just about to ring the school bell for the first time this year. But for many teachers, summer was hardly a vacation from their own brand of learning.

4-H TV

When you watch our news, you may not realize all that it takes to make our broadcast possible. Some kids in a summertime Tennessee 4-H program are learning how to put together a TV newscast and video stories.

NE. TN. Master Gardeners

It’s just about time to fire up that Ferris wheel. More than three million Tennesseans will attend a county or regional fair in late summer. Volunteers with UT Extension’s Master Gardener program work to make the grounds attractive at many of these fairs. As Chuck Denney reports, that it’s just one of many community projects [...]


Modern-day gardening is climbing to new heights. Many gardeners are growing beautiful vines as part of their landscaping, and it’s a trend that experts say is thriving in Tennessee. Chuck Denney has more on vines and their unusual attachments.


Tennessee is having one of its’ driest years ever. The National Drought Mitigation Center reports the entire state is experiencing moderate to severe drought. Experts with UT’s Institute of Agriculture say we’ve missed out on a lot of rain for the first half of 2007, but there’s still time for crops and landscaping to recover.

Memphis Master Gardeners

Just about everyone wants their community to be a better place. That’s the idea behind the hard work of volunteers in the statewide Master Gardener program.

Leaps & Bounds

It’s mid-summer, but who says kids need a school classroom to learn? UT Extension has a program called “Leaps and Bounds” where children get academics mixed with day camp-like fun.


It’s everywhere, and growing. Kudzu was once considered an exotic plant, but now we think of it more as a landscaping or agricultural nuisance. The rapidly-growing vine is a real problem in Tennessee, but UT scientists have advice about limiting its spread.

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