Knoxville Videos

Gnats (Black Flies)

In Tennessee’s warm season months, gnats are a nuisance to people and animals. UT researchers are working to reduce the gnat population by eliminating the insects before they’ve hatched from rivers and streams.

4-H Produce

As county and regional fairs come to a close, it’s time to pass out the blue ribbons. Prizes for top vegetables, fruits and animals are a long-time tradition at Tennessee fairs.

Cotton Irrigation

Like all crops in Tennessee, cotton is hurting because of this summer’s drought. Researchers with UT’s Institute of Agriculture are studying how cotton reacts to a lack of moisture — and just how much water is enough for a plant to grow.

4-H Hams

It’s a southern delicacy that takes time, patience and expertise to prepare — and that’s all before the cooking even starts! Some kids in Tennessee 4-H are learning how to cure country hams.

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