Knoxville Videos

Preview of Studio 865 premiere with Scott Miller

Host Todd Steed interviews musician Scott Miller, and Miller gives an in-studio performance.

Studio 865 Promotional Spot

Blues or bluegrass. Rock or rap. Jazz—or just about any genre you can think of. Studio 865 invites local musicians to play their music their way.

Tennessee Saves

We need money to live. Many of us will earn millions of dollars over the course of our working lives. But it’s easy for cash to slip through our fingers.

TNCEP/Second Harvest Dickson County

We live in the richest country on the planet, but we still have people who are hungry. Second Harvest Food Bank and UT Extension are working together to provide meals and nutritional information to residents in one Tennessee community.


We’re seeing a record number of foreclosures across Tennessee and the country. Millions of people are losing their homes because they can no longer afford to make their mortgage payment. Experts with UT Extension have advice about how to deal with a foreclosure – or perhaps avoid one all together.

Wood for Biomass

America must find alternative sources for fuel and energy in the future. Traditionally we think of corn ethanol and other crops that can be converted – but Tennessee’s vast forests might also someday be used for biomass.

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