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Studio 865 – Greg Horne (full)

Episode 5 of Studio 865, featuring in-studio performances by Greg Horne and interviews by host Todd Steed. First aired on UTTV on Wednesday, April 2, 2008 at 8pm.

Tornado Impact

The devastating tornadoes that went through Tennessee recently took lives and destroyed millions of dollars in property. While there’s no comparison to the loss of life – the storms also caused extensive damage to agriculture.

Emergency Preps

Given that dangerous weather or other disasters can strike at just about any moment in Tennessee — how prepared are you for an emergency? Experts with UT Extension have tips on items you may need to keep your family safe before and after an emergency.

Beef Program

As the years go by, one thing remains constant in Tennessee agriculture – beef cattle farming is our number one commodity. Tennessee farmers are joining with producers from a border state to enhance markets and improve their overall product.

Landlord Training

“For rent” — It’s a sign you see a lot around Tennessee. People need a place to live – but may not be able to buy a home – so they rent. But what about rental property owners? UT Extension has a program that teaches there’s more to being a landlord than just collecting a [...]

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