Knoxville Videos

Turf Research

From your front yard to your favorite golf course – Tennessee has some of the highest quality turf you’ll find anywhere in the country. Experts with UT’s Institute of Agriculture are conducting research to help homeowners, as well as sod farmers who grow turf.

Ed-Venture Camp

When you combine education with adventure, you’ve got the potential for learning and fun. That’s the idea behind a special summer program with Tennessee 4-H.

Farmer Input Costs

Food prices have been going up lately, but so are the production costs for farmers who grow what we eat. Farm expenses are at record highs for Tennessee row-crop producers now.

UT Gardens 25th Anniversary

There’s a blooming treasure for all to enjoy along the banks of the Tennessee River in Knoxville. The UT Gardens now celebrate their 25th year in 2008.

Studio 865 – Mic Harrison (full)

Episode 8 of Studio 865, featuring in-studio performances by Mic Harrison and interviews by host Todd Steed. First aired on UTTV on Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at 8pm.

Food Prices

The average family of four is now spending about 900 dollars a month on groceries. That’s the latest figure from the USDA – as higher food bills are now a modern-day economic reality. UT Extension is offering tips for frugal living when it comes to grocery shopping.


The cornbread is cooking in one Tennessee town where an annual festival is a source of community pride – and good eatin’ – for residents and southern chefs. While there’s a lot to be said for experienced cornbread cookers – good food knows no age limits when it comes to baking.

Environmental Landscaping

We can make an outdoor area even more beautiful and protect the environment at the same time. That’s the idea behind a class – and several community service projects – with the Environmental Landscape Design Lab at UT’s Institute of Agriculture.

Wii Exercise

It doesn’t seem like a good match – video games and exercise. But a very popular video system does have a physical component to it. UT Extension is using the Nintendo Wii (“wee”) to get kids moving.

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