Knoxville Videos


Tennessee has more caves than any other US state. Thats according to environmental groups who have mapped more than 9000 caves in the state. Some 4-Hers got an introduction to spelunking in a summertime program.

Guide Dog

Guide dogs can make life easier for the visually impaired – leading them through busy streets and potentially dangerous situations. But someone must teach these amazing animals before they can serve an owner. One young Tennessee 4-Her is a guide dog trainer.

Jackson Community Gardens

Every city has vacant lots that could use some sprucing up. Volunteers are putting their gardening and landscaping skills to work in one Tennessee town to change unused space into places of beauty – and grow food for the needy.

Mall Mania

The mall has been a favorite hangout for teenagers for several decades now – and young people have money to spend there. But sometimes kids can be impulse shoppers and those dollars can disappear quickly. UT Extension has a program called Mall Mania to help here.

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