Knoxville Videos

Ron Paul on Monetary Policy

In his latest C4L update, Congressman Ron Paul discusses recent events that will have a significant impact on monetary policy, talks about the dollar, and answers a question concerning the IMF.

Ron Paul – New Orleans Investment Conference, Pt. 4

Congressman Paul talks about the dollar and the importance of protecting individual liberty.

Katie Atkins, UT Law Student

University of Tennessee law student Katie Atkins describes what it’s like working in the college’s legal clinics. UT’s clinics help students learn how to practice law while providing a low-cost legal alternative for students, faculty and staff, and low-income people in Knoxville.

Babysitter Training

Babysitting is a great way for teens to earn money, but it also carries a lot of responsibility. UT Extension offers babysitter training to young people across Tennessee-teaching ways to care for children, and what to do in case of an emergency.

Cup A Doodle Brew

A number of small businesses in rural Tennessee are poised for big city success. Economic development experts with UT Extension work with a number of companies in outlying counties in a program called The Gathering.

Student Careers & Money

Millions of young people head off for their freshman year of college with the hope theyll someday graduate and get a great job. But during their school days, many rack up thousands of dollars in debt.

Thanksgiving Preps

Thanksgiving approaches – the holiday best-known for delicious meals. Food experts from UT Extension offer culinary cooking classes to make sure Thanksgiving dinner at your house is a scrumptious happening.

Christmas Greenery

With Christmas quickly approaching, holiday decorating will soon begin. But before you rush out to purchase decorations, experts with the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture say you may want to check out your own backyard first.

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