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Will Ben Stein Debate Ron Paul?

After their recent exchange during a “Larry King Live” interview, Congressman Paul challenges Ben Stein (and others who share his position) to a public debate over our nation’s foreign policy and what truly motivates terrorists.

Ron Paul on Terrorism

Congressman Ron Paul gives his thoughts on Yemen, the attempted airline bombing, the motivations of Al Qaeda, the radicalization of the Middle East, and the negation of our liberties to government provided “security.”

Ron Paul: Foreign Policy Ignored

As the health care reform battle rages, Congressman Paul points out the need to also keep paying attention to developments in foreign policy and discusses recent events that could have long-term effects.

Ron Paul – Larry King Live 12/16/09, Pt.3

Ron Paul – Larry King Live 12/16/09 Pt. 2

Ron Paul – Larry King Live 12/16/09 Pt.1

Ron Paul – Neil Cavuto 12/16/09

On Wednesday, December 16, Congressman Ron Paul appeared on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” to discuss Ben Bernanke’s selection as TIME Magazine’s 2009 “Person of the Year.”

Ron Paul – The Ed Show – MSNBC 12/03/09

On Thursday, December 3, 2009, Congressman Paul appeared on MSNBC’s “The ED Show” to discuss Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s nomination hearing for a second term, as well as the need to Audit the Fed.

Ron Paul – MSNBC 12/3/09

On Tuesday, Congressman Paul appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Meeting with Dylan Ratigan” to discuss Bernanke’s renomination hearing, how the Federal Reserve helped create the economic crisis, and the need to end the Fed.

Clarksville Mansion

Its a stunning mansion that really comes alive this time of year with Christmas spirit. Family and community education club members in one Tennessee town work hard to decorate nearly two dozen trees there.

Holiday Stress

The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. But for many people, stress creeps in to make the season difficult. Experts with UT Extension say there are steps you can take to ease tension this time of year.

4-H Operation Military Kids

Having a mom or dad overseas in a war is tough for kids any time of year, but especially during the holidays. 4-H’ers in one Tennessee community are giving these children a special Christmas present through a program called “Operation Military Kids.”

4-H Christmas Stockings

Legend has it that a man once hung stockings to dry by his fireplace. When Santa dropped in on Christmas Eve, he filled those socks with coins for the man’s beautiful daughters. Now, some Tennessee 4-H’ers are taking that story to heart.

Ron Paul – The Kudlow Report, 11/30/09

On Monday night, Congressman Paul appeared on CNBC to debate former ITC chief economist Peter Morici over the Federal Reserve’s role in the economy and the need for greater transparency at the Fed.

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