Knoxville Videos

C4L Rising

“Our presidential campaign ignited a revolution,” said Congressman Ron Paul as he announced the launch of Campaign for Liberty. Dr. Paul had a vision for an organization that would harness the enthusiasm surrounding his presidential campaign while maintaining an unwavering resolve to carry the torch of liberty far into the future. Just over 2 years [...]

Tennessee Promotional Video

Video produced for the Sunbelt Expo in Moultree, Ga. In 2006, Tennessee was the host state and this video highlights important areas of the state’s economy.

Field Trips at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame offers educational field trips for grades Kindergarten through fifth grade students. Visit for more information.

Jim Rogers on Financial Reform

Campaign for Liberty’s Kevin Brett interviews investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers on the recently-passed Dodd-Frank financial reform bill, the effects of government interference in the marketplace, and some steps he would take to get the economy back on track. Note: Nothing expressed in this video should be considered as investment strategy or advice from [...]

The Art of the Prank

What is it about pranks that we find so interesting and entertaining? That question is at the core of a unique freshman seminar class to be taught by UT’s “Court Jester,” Beauvais Lyons. More than just the campus trickster, Lyons is also a gifted artist, mentor and a force behind the UT Knoxville School of [...]

Garden of Hope

Some 30 million Americans go to bed hungry every night. Volunteer gardeners in a Tennessee community help to feed the needy by growing fresh produce for them. It’s part of a UT Extension project called the “Garden of Hope.”

Every Child Outdoors

It’s known that many children today are overweight or in poor health – and some experts believe it’s partly because of a lack of outdoor play-time. UT AgResearchers are among many groups in Tennessee promoting a program called “Every Child Outdoors.”

Memphis Market

Tennessee’s largest urban area is getting an agricultural edge to it. A new Farmer’s Market is open in Memphis, and it’s part of a major revitalization effort.

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