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A city kid from halfway around the world is getting the full experience of Tennessee farm life.

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  1. Edible East Tennessee: Wisner’s farm
  2. Ralph Neal describes how he got his ring
  3. What’s Your Big Idea?—Lynne Miller
  4. KNS Auto Show Spot 001 • Knoxville, TN
  5. KNS Auto Show Spot 002 • Knoxville, TN
  6. UT Lean Summer Program
  7. What’s Your Big Idea?—Rupy Sawhney
  8. Fred Bedelle discusses his book
  9. What’s Your Big Idea: Morgan Baltz
  10. What’s Your Big Idea?—Mark Walker
  11. Knoxville CBID Seasons
  12. Knoxville CBID Shopping
  13. Knoxville CBID Culture
  14. Owner Zach Henry describes the House Mountain Christmas Tree Farm
  15. Scruffy City Roots Rewind • Show 003 APRIL 28, 2012 • Attack Monkey Productions
  16. What’s Your Big Idea?—John Utley
  17. River Cleanup
  18. What’s Your Big Idea?—Andy Rogers
  19. Lady Vols faithful come out to sign banner for ‘We Back Pat’ campaign
  20. What’s Your Big Idea?—Kenton Yeager
  21. Scruffy City Roots Rewind | Show 001 APRIL 14, 2012 | Attack Monkey Productions
  22. Scruffy City Roots Rewind • Delta Rae • Knoxville, TN
  23. Soil Testing
  24. Hunger Simulation
  25. Holiday Plants
  26. The Gann family searches for the perfect Christmas tree at House Mtn. Tree Farm
  27. Glory Johnson knows the Ogwumike sisters
  28. Lofton Stuart, 1961 graduate of agriculture mechanization
  29. Professional Volunteer
  30. Golden eagle attacks a turkey
  31. What’s Your Big Idea?—Min Kao
  32. What’s Your Big Idea?—Jim Boyle
  33. Jello the Penguin Paints at the Knoxville Zoo
  34. LED Plants
  35. Healthy Life Clinic
  36. Will Carver, 2000 Sports Management graduate
  37. David Kao, 1993 industrial engineering graduate
  38. Pat Summitt talks about the Sports Illustrated event in New York City
  39. The Watson family talks about their ‘Extreme Makeover’ experience
  40. Joan Wallace, 1951 pre-law and political science and sociology graduate
  41. “Discover the Dinosaurs” at the Knoxville Convention Center
  42. US Senators remark on how WWII affected them
  43. Lightning show in Fountain City
  44. The attack on Pearl Harbor – 70 years later
  45. Lee Ann Bowman on her experience on the Biggest Winner team
  46. Mike Howell on his experience on the Biggest Winner team
  47. Hugh Wilson on his experience on the Biggest Winner team
  48. Edee Vaughan on her experience on the Biggest Winner team
  49. Amanda Paletz on her experience on the Biggest Winner team
  50. Darla Dunn on her experience on the Biggest Winner team
  51. Melody Peters on her experience on the Biggest Winner team
  52. Terry Fine talks about drugs and jail
  53. Knox County Public Library 2012 Childrens Festival of Reading • Knoxville, TN
  54. Naturalization ceremony at Maryville College
  55. Ty Pennington’s ties to Knoxville
  56. Lydia McCoy shares her favorite moments as “Principal for a Day”
  57. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition demolishes the Watson home
  58. Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero on the city’s pension issues
  59. Empty Stocking Fund profile: The Bethune family
  60. Rally to support the “Little Brown Dog”
  61. ‘Memory Zero’ and ‘Make the World Go Away’ by Senryu
  62. Biggest Winner competition names Randy Carr its ‘biggest winner’
  63. AAA of East Tennessee 2012 Cruise & Travel Show • Knoxville, TN
  64. First Night Knoxville 2012 • Knoxville, TN
  65. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition supported by “donations” from the city of Knoxville
  66. Deion Bonner signs with Tennessee
  67. ETCH • 2012 Star 1021 Radiothon • Knoxville, TN
  68. Sarah Moore Greene’s 102nd birthday
  69. Tricia Stuth & Robert French: New Norris House – A Sustainable Dwelling in the 21st Century
  70. 2012 Law Enforcement Memorial Run • Knoxville, TN
  71. AHA Knoxville Heart Ball • February 25, 2012 • Knoxville, TN
  72. Parasites
  73. 4-H Health Rocks
  74. Loretta Lynn Stars on Stage 2012 Tennessee Theatre Fundraiser • Knoxville, TN
  75. Community forum on the life and loss of Phillip ‘Tookie’ Stanford
  76. Goodwill Industries • 2012 Straight from the Heart Sack Pack • Knoxville, TN
  77. Ag Year Preview
  78. UT Today 2012 Promo • University of Tennessee • Knoxville, TN
  79. Rural Families Speak
  80. Signing day celebration at Neyland Stadium
  81. Sal Sunseri to defense: ‘Do your job’
  82. Brian Pensky’s introduction as women’s soccer coach at UT
  83. Sweetwater Valley Farms
  84. Storm Preperation
  85. Jim Chaney on the Vols’ quarterbacks
  86. ATHS 2012 Truck Show • Knoxville, TN
  87. Summitt and Warlick on the NCAA Tournament
  88. Metropolitan Drug Commission 2 Much 2 Soon Video Competition
  89. Kenton Yeager: The Development of the Classroom Theatre Lab
  90. JDRF • 2012 Walk to Cure Diabetes • Knoxville, TN
  91. The Hamery
  92. Operation Military Kids Chef Camp
  93. Ag Degrees Interview
  94. UT coach Cuonzo Martin discusses the Vols’ 66-63 win over ETSU
  95. Oncology UTCVM 2012
  96. Restaurants Buy Local Foods
  97. 4 H Holiday Collection
  98. Value of an Ag Degree
  99. 4-H Consumer Team
  100. UT Gardens 2012 Blooms Days Garden Festival • Knoxville, TN
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