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Faculty Appreciation Week 2012 – A Chance to Say Thanks

At UT Knoxville, there are countless faculty who have enriched the lives of generations of students. We encourage anyone who has taken a great class at UT to let the faculty member know that you appreciate them. Visit to leave a comment for your favorite faculty member or read how other faculty members have affected the lives of others.

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  60. Brian Pensky’s introduction as women’s soccer coach at UT
  61. Lydia McCoy shares her favorite moments as “Principal for a Day”
  62. Knoxville Track Club • 2012 Run for the Schools • Knoxville, TN
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  66. Gail Upton, of Clinton 12, speaks at West Valley
  67. Knoxville CBID Culture
  68. Knoxville CBID Shopping
  69. Knoxville CBID Seasons
  70. Drae Bowles signs with Tennessee
  71. Science Club Science Expo at STEM Academy
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  73. Dean Lockwood shares a Pat Summitt story involving a raccoon
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  78. Alumni Memories: College of Communication and Information
  79. Lady Vols look ahead to NCAA Tourney
  80. Maryville coach George Quarles on his team’s state title win
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  83. Coach Dooley talks about some of the players from the 2012 signing class
  84. ‘I Won’t Go Away (The Turtle Song)’ by Now You See Them
  85. Opening comments from Coach Derek Dooley on National Signing Day
  86. ‘What We Want’ by Now You See Them
  87. Danny O’Brien signs with Tennessee
  88. Big Orange Tipoff Club: Cuonzo Martin on the Vols’ inexperience
  89. ‘Can You Hear Me Now’ by South Carolina Broadcaster
  90. ‘Pretty Little Raindrop’ by South Carolina Broadcaste
  91. ‘Mighty Dark For Me To Travel’ by South Carolina Broadcasters
  92. KCSO work crew plants fruit trees
  93. Lady Vols sing “Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer”
  94. ‘Ain’t Got Much Time’ by Kelley McRae
  95. ‘Keeper of the Light’ by Kelley McRae
  96. ‘Johnny Cash’ by Kelley McRae
  97. ‘Dancin’ on the Mountain’ by Roy Schneider
  98. ‘Walls That Talk’ by Roy Schneider
  99. ‘Cherry Trees’ by Roy Schneider
  100. ‘Epiphany’ by Ben Maney
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