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ETTAC A Sense of Darkness • Knoxville, TN

Explore your other senses and share your inner light with fine food , fellowship, amazing stories and entertainment. Featuring beautiful music performed by Emmanuelle Lo, a twelve-year-old singer and songwriter featured nationally on ABC news in December, 2011, who expresses her gifts through song. Without sight for all of her twelve years, she uses music to reach out and help others. Tickets are $30 each and can be purchased by calling 865-219-0130.

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  84. Busted! 30 Year Old Man Caught Sucking His Thumb on “Broken” Webcam!
  85. Dedication of UT’s Min Kao Engineering Building
  86. Brian Pensky’s introduction as women’s soccer coach at UT
  87. UT AD Dave Hart on hiring Brian Pensky
  88. Cuonzo Martin on Trae Golden playing point guard
  89. Food Tour in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee showcases best places to eat
  90. Cuonzo Martin on when the Vols were picked to finish 11th in the SEC
  91. Songs of Appalachia: Clyde Davenport still fiddling at 85
  92. Cody Blanc signs with Tennessee
  93. LED Plants
  94. Empty Stocking Fund profile: Anderson County family
  95. Ariel Massengale injures two fingers on left hand in Thursday practice
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