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What’s Your Big Idea?—Kenton Yeager

Faculty, staff, students, and alumni are sharing the big ideas that are making a difference in their world and the world around them. Associate professor Kenton Yeager runs UT’s master’s program in theatrical lighting design. He designed and built a one-to-six-scale working theater laboratory to provide students with a safe, accessible way to learn lighting, scenery, sound design, stage management, and more.

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  94. Holly Warlick assesses the damage after Stanford loss
  95. Holly Warlick on Kentucky win
  96. Cameron Tatum on UT’s game versus Georgia on Wednesday
  97. Dooley: Coaching changes shouldn’t worry recruits
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  99. Holly Warlick sums up UT’s 73-52 victory over Auburn
  100. Derek Dooley: Kentucky was “emotional” loss
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