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Community forum on the life and loss of Phillip ‘Tookie’ Stanford

The News Sentinel, in partnership with the Beck Cultural Exchange Center, held a community forum to view the documentary “A Community’s Child: The story of Phillip ‘Tookie’ Stanford” and discuss the life and tragic loss of one so young. About 150 people, including Stanford’s family and close friends, came to the Beck Cultural Exchange Center to view the documentary and share memories of the teen. Suicide prevention experts were on hand to share resources and answer questions. This hour long video shows the discussion that followed the documentary viewing. Moderator: Hallerin Hilton Hill Panelists: News Sentinel editor Jack McElroy, assistant to the director of the Beck Cultural Center André Canty, executive director of TribeOne Mickeeya Murray Harrison and emcee Brian ‘BT’ Tate. For more information, please visit

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