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Operation Military Kids Chef Camp

Some kids of our military recently had a chance to attend a very special Tennessee 4-H Camp, where they learned some unique skills.

4 H Holiday Collection

This holiday season some Tennessee 4-H’ers are giving the gift of clothing – and compassion – to help the needy in their hometown. It’s a Christmas collection effort that also teaches young people a valuable lesson.

Herman the German

This Halloween season, beware a trip to a Tennessee 4-H camp. They Clyde York 4-H Center in Crossville has an amazing history, and with it, a spooky legend.

4-H School Supplies

When the school bell rings in some Tennessee districts soon, students will have new supplies — courtesy of a generous effort by young people.The students were impacted by floods along the Mississippi River, which damaged their homes and farmland.

Unicoi GPS Kids

It’s using technology so that others may enjoy the outdoors. Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are using computerized GPS systems to map portions of the Appalachian Trail.

4-H Pottery

Mankind has been making dishes, cups and bowls out of clay for thousands of years.Today pottery is still one way we create beautiful eating utensils – as well as vases and flower pots. Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are practicing this ancient art form.

4-H Revolution

Around the world there are political and economic revolutions taking place in many countries. Here in Tennessee, we’re seeing a revolution of a different sort – one that focuses on youth and their desire to improve their communities.

Ginger Bread Houses

Nothing makes a more impressive holiday centerpiece than a beautiful – and tasty – gingerbread house.4-H’ers in one Tennessee community are building these candied houses for the season.

4-H Jeans Project

The holidays are a tough time for children of our military to be separated from their parents. But 4-H’ers in several Tennessee communities are hoping to ease some of that heartache through charitable projects.

Cookery Team

Fall is a great time for an outdoor barbeque – especially when the weather is nice and you’re the guest of a talented cook. 4-H’ers in one Tennessee town are known for their award-winning meat cooking skills.

ATV Safety

ATV’s or All-Terrain-Vehicles, can be useful for farm work, and fun to ride. But these machines can also be dangerous… with nearly 50000 accidents a year nationwide. Tennessee 4-H leaders are teaching ATV safety to kids, the goal is to have a good time but be sensible.

UT Extension Centennial Promo

30 second promo of UT Extension’s centennial.

4-H Service Projects

2010 marks the 100th year of 4-H in Tennessee. As part of the Centennial, many 4-Hers around the state are performing 100 hours of service in their communities.

UT Extension Centennial Video “Transforming Tennessee”

UT Extension celebrates 100 years of service to the citizens of Tennessee in this video entitled “Transforming Tennessee”

4-H Operation Military Kids

Having a mom or dad overseas in a war is tough for kids any time of year, but especially during the holidays. 4-H’ers in one Tennessee community are giving these children a special Christmas present through a program called “Operation Military Kids.”

4-H Christmas Stockings

Legend has it that a man once hung stockings to dry by his fireplace. When Santa dropped in on Christmas Eve, he filled those socks with coins for the man’s beautiful daughters. Now, some Tennessee 4-H’ers are taking that story to heart.

4-H Goes Green

4-H and the color green have always gone together. After all, that’s the hue of the famed color that serves as the organization’s logo. Now some Tennessee 4-H’ers are going green to help save the planet


Tennessee has more caves than any other US state. Thats according to environmental groups who have mapped more than 9000 caves in the state. Some 4-Hers got an introduction to spelunking in a summertime program.

Guide Dog

Guide dogs can make life easier for the visually impaired – leading them through busy streets and potentially dangerous situations. But someone must teach these amazing animals before they can serve an owner. One young Tennessee 4-Her is a guide dog trainer.

4-H Service Project

Tennessee 4-Hers and adult volunteers donated more than 100-thousand hours of service to their communities last year. Thats everything from collecting food and clothing for the needy to DVDs for American troops overseas.

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