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Value of an Ag Degree

Agriculture is one of the most diverse fields of study at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Caula Beyl, Dean of UT’s College of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources explains the value of an ag degree

UT College of Veterinary Medicine Promo #1

Take Pride, Tennessee, in your veterinary college. The University of Tennessee boasts the only veterinary academic medical center in the state…providing the region with sophisticated services-including equine MRI, an extensive medical team of board-certified specialists offering 24-hr care, and scientists making new discoveries affecting the equine population. 1 of only 28 veterinary colleges in the [...]

UT College of Veterninary Medicine Promo #2

The Equine Hospital at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center in Knoxville. .. Your total equine package offers: The new specialty in veterinary sports medicine and rehabilitation MRI and board-certified radiologists Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber Underwater treadmill Journeyman farrier And Board-certified internists, anesthesiologists, and surgeons Take pride, Tennessee, in your veterinary college that is [...]

Biofuel Students

Someday you could go to college and earn a degree in biofuel production. It’s an academic major being developed at the UT Institute of Agriculture.

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