Knoxville Videos

Dogwood Patent

Dr. Mark Windham of University of Tennessee AgResearch discusses research into protecting dogwood trees.

Soybean Patent

Dr. Vince Pantalone of University of Tennessee AgResearch discusses a new soybean variey known as “Allen.”

Embryo Transfer

Dr. Neal Schrick of University of Tennessee AgResearch discribes is research in cattle embryo transfer.

Pumpkin Display

It’s the perfect symbol of Halloween and all things autumn-a beautiful pumpkin. Now you can see literally thousands of pumpkins, gourds and squash in a unique and amazing display in Tennessee.


Have you checked the mail lately — in your garden? Horticulture experts with UT Ag-Research have designed a unique display where old mailboxes are mixed with vines, flowers and plants.

Forage Research

Beef cattle farming is a 600 million dollar a year business in Tennessee. UT researchers are looking for the best forage for cattle so our farmers can produce high quality beef. The goal is to grow hay for cattle in the coming hot, dry months of summer — when fields are usually barren.

The Story of Cotton

A look at the history, production and uses of cotton.

Tennessee State Parks Study

Tennessee’s state parks are beautiful and a boost to our economy. That’s from a study by the UT Institute of Agriculture-which says the parks pump millions of dollars into our communities and create thousands of jobs.

Every Child Outdoors

It’s known that many children today are overweight or in poor health – and some experts believe it’s partly because of a lack of outdoor play-time. UT AgResearchers are among many groups in Tennessee promoting a program called “Every Child Outdoors.”


Tennessee is home to many species of beautiful migratory songbirds. Environmental factors threaten their habitat, but scientists with UT AgResearch are working to help the birds thrive in the Cumberland Mountains.

Ag in Transition

Cotton remains a staple crop in southern agriculture, but in recent years the number of acres in Tennessee has dropped by a significant amount. But is 2010 the year of cottons comeback?

Weather Station

Theres an old saying about the weather in Tennessee – if you dont like it, just wait a few minutes because its about to change! Experts with UTs AgResearch centers across the state collect weather data and study climate patterns.

Ames Dig

One of Tennessees best-known sites for agricultural and wildlife research is also rich in history – dating back to the first native Americans. Students and archeologists are digging away at Ames Plantation this summer, searching for artifacts that document its past.

Sweet Corn

As UT AgResearchers were growing experimental sweet corn crops, they applied herbicides to keep weeds away. But something unexpected happened. The scientists discovered the herbicide actually boosted the nutritional value of the corn.

Shackelford Orchard

We must work now to preserve forest land in Tennessee for future generations. Thats the take of researchers with UTs Institute of Agriculture- who are concerned suburban sprawl or poor forest management could take away many acres of trees.


Its one of our most lasting symbols of America – wind gently sweeping through a grain field. And soon it could be a common sight in Tennessee. Scientists with UT AgResearch are growing experimental barley crops now – teamed with a well-known company.

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