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Swine and Dine at Bacon Fest 2011 in Knoxville, Tennessee – We’ve always known country was cool. Bacon has become oh so popular, but it’s always reigned supreme in the Appalachian Mountains. With rural frugality almost an obsession, mountaineers have historically eaten every part of the pig, from the ears to the lips to the feet. This way of eating and cooking has become [...]

Knoxville Tennessee’s Best Breakfast – It’s breakfast time and that means bacon (though feel free to enjoy bacon anytime, we do.) Pete’s Coffee Shop and Long’s Drug Store have been giving you the breakfast your bacon loving heart desires for years and they don’t plan on stopping. Enjoy your full plate and then sit back, breakfast is meant [...]

Rep. Justin Amash (MI): Davis-Bacon Act 06/13/11


In recent years, the swine industry has become the face of tough times in agriculture. Tennessee has lost a number of pork producers because of high production costs and low commodity prices.

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