Knoxville Videos

Livestock Research

It’s a problem for Tennessee farmers who produce our top commodity — beef cattle. Insects such as flies cause serious health problems for their animals, and reduce product quality for consumers.

Cookery Team

Fall is a great time for an outdoor barbeque – especially when the weather is nice and you’re the guest of a talented cook. 4-H’ers in one Tennessee town are known for their award-winning meat cooking skills.

Cattle Facility

Beef cattle farming is Tennessees top agricultural commodity – generating nearly 600 million dollars each year. One of the states most rural counties is improving its cattle production by building a new handling facility.

Beef Program

As the years go by, one thing remains constant in Tennessee agriculture – beef cattle farming is our number one commodity. Tennessee farmers are joining with producers from a border state to enhance markets and improve their overall product.


Beef cattle farming is Tennessee’s number one agricultural commodity – and herd reproductive health is critical for producers to stay in business. UT’s Institute of Agriculture is working on research to boost cattle pregnancy rates.

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