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Operation Military Kids Chef Camp

Some kids of our military recently had a chance to attend a very special Tennessee 4-H Camp, where they learned some unique skills.

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4 H Chef Camp

Iraqi Girls Visit Lady Vol Basketball Camp – 6/11/2009

Iraqi Girls Visit Lady Vol Basketball Camp – 6/11/2009


It can be a tough task getting kids fired up about science. But its doable when you interject a little wonder and fun. Thats the idea behind the Science, Engineering and Technology program with Tennessee 4-H.

Heritage Skills Camp

Kids today are high-tech savvy – good with computers, video games and all things electronic. But that doesn’t mean they can’t pick up skills from long ago. Tennessee 4-H offered a special camp this summer to teach kids heritage skills that involved making amazing crafts and learning about native American culture.

Ed-Venture Camp

When you combine education with adventure, you’ve got the potential for learning and fun. That’s the idea behind a special summer program with Tennessee 4-H.

Leaps & Bounds

It’s mid-summer, but who says kids need a school classroom to learn? UT Extension has a program called “Leaps and Bounds” where children get academics mixed with day camp-like fun.

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