Knoxville Videos

Embryo Transfer

Dr. Neal Schrick of University of Tennessee AgResearch discribes is research in cattle embryo transfer.

Tennessee AgrAbility

Living with a disability can be challenging, but imagine the difficulty if you’re a farmer. Now there’s a program to help disabled producers with their equipment, farm management, and overall outlook.

Forage Research

Beef cattle farming is a 600 million dollar a year business in Tennessee. UT researchers are looking for the best forage for cattle so our farmers can produce high quality beef. The goal is to grow hay for cattle in the coming hot, dry months of summer — when fields are usually barren.

Cattle Facility

Beef cattle farming is Tennessees top agricultural commodity – generating nearly 600 million dollars each year. One of the states most rural counties is improving its cattle production by building a new handling facility.

Switchgrass Forage

Switchgrass is forage grown in Tennessee that could soon be a source for gasoline – possibly reducing our nation’s dependance on foreign oil. But does the crop have other potential uses? Experts with UT’s Institute of Agriculture believe switchgrass is nutritious for farm animals, and environmentally friendly.

Tornado Impact

The devastating tornadoes that went through Tennessee recently took lives and destroyed millions of dollars in property. While there’s no comparison to the loss of life – the storms also caused extensive damage to agriculture.

Beef Program

As the years go by, one thing remains constant in Tennessee agriculture – beef cattle farming is our number one commodity. Tennessee farmers are joining with producers from a border state to enhance markets and improve their overall product.

Cattle Sell-Off

Some livestock barns around Tennessee are selling three and four times the usual number of cattle, but that’s not necessarily positive for farmers. Many producers have been forced to sell parts of their herd because of drought.

Quonset Barn

Most barns are pretty standard in shape – square or rectangular, and usually painted red with a loft to store hay. But now some Tennessee farmers are looking at a more-modern day barn that’s built to last a long time.

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