Knoxville Videos

Soybean Patent

Dr. Vince Pantalone of University of Tennessee AgResearch discusses a new soybean variey known as “Allen.”

Cotton Outlook 2011

Like much of Dixie, Tennessee is — once again — the land of cotton. Our state will produce nearly twice as many acres of the crop as it did just a couple of years ago.

The Story of Cotton

A look at the history, production and uses of cotton.

Cotton Module Picker

Tennessees cotton acreage is down some, but farmers did have a new and more efficient way to harvest the crop this year. More and more producers are using cotton module pickers to get their crops from the field to the gin.

More Corn

Inspired by the ethanol boom – American farmers intend to plant 90 million acres of corn this year – the highest total since World War Two. In Tennessee, our producers are doing the same.


A recent government report says the US could easily produce more than a billion tons of materials to make biofuels each year – and it wouldn’t impact our food supply. Researchers at UT’s Institute of Agriculture are working on ways to produce biomass and alternative fuels.

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