Knoxville Videos

Oncology UTCVM 2012

Veterinary oncology at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

TWRA uses dogs help catch poachers

TWRA officer Ken Cutsinger talks about using his K-9 partner Macey to help catch illegal hunters and poachers on Friday, Feb. 10, 2012. TWRA has a K-9 program since 2005 that uses dogs for hunting-related duties such as locating game carcasses, spent shells, and tracking poachers.

Pet-friendly Knoxville has fun for everyone

Knoxville was named the most dog-friendly city in the Southeast this year and residents aren’t the only ones looking for places to take man’s best friend. From fetching a ball to swimming in a pond to enjoying a run with other canines, each of the dog parks in the city is unique. For more information [...]

Knoxville Greenways – The Boulevard in Sequoyah Hills

Knoxville’s Greenways offer a fantastic way to run, walk, or bike and get to see a scenic view of the city. Whether you are looking to go on a short jaunt with the family or you are training for a long distance run – The Boulevard in Sequoyah Hills can meet your needs.

Petscape Your Yard

Spring is here and many of us are doing landscaping work. But what about the plants growing around your house? UT experts say there are a number of common plants that could harm your dogs and cats if they ingest them.

Puppy Kindergarten

The most effective learning starts at an early age. That goes for children and our pets. Some young canines are getting their first taste of education at “Puppy Kindergarten” at the UT Vet School.


Veterinarians need sophisticated training to care for pets–especially in the area of internal medicine. But this can be hard on live animals because of the damage accidently done to their bodies during the teaching. Experts at UT’s College of Veterinary Medicine have invented a device to teach veterinarians to perform advanced procedures–without using live animals.

Vet Fat Camp

Many pets are like their owners — a few pounds too heavy. The UT College of Veterinary Medicine works with animals in a special “Fat Camp” program where the focus is a better diet and increased exercise for pets.

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