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Whittle Springs Middle School students learn about engineering

Students from Whittle Springs Middle School learn about science and engineering while visiting with students in the Center for Ultra-Wide-Area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks (CURENT) program in the Min H. Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building at the University of Tennesssee Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

Students use greenhouse to learn science

Austin-East students in Paige Jones’ classes have been learning about gardening as part of their science lessons. With the help of a $250000 grant from the Tennessee Department of Health, the school was able to renovate it’s greenhouse and turn it’s courtyard into s learning classroom.

Alex Long: The Uses and Misuses of Popular Music Lyrics in Legal Writing

Legal writers frequently utilize the lyrics of popular music artists to help advance a particular theme or argument in legal writing. Often, attorneys use the lyrics of popular music in fairly predictable ways in their writing, sometimes with adverse impact on the persuasiveness of the argument they are advancing. Occasionally, legal writers incorporate the lyrics [...]

Lydia McCoy shares her favorite moments as “Principal for a Day”

Knoxville News Sentinel reporter Lydia McCoy shares her favorite moments as “Principal for a Day” at Adrian Burnett Elementary School on Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012. The program, which has been in hiatus for several years, allows community leaders to participate in a half-day experience with a school principal.

Science Club Science Expo at STEM Academy

Local students participated in the Science Club Science Expo at the STEM Academy of Knoxville Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012.

Fred Bedelle discusses his book

Fred Bedelle discusses his book about the 1959 lawsuit that forced racial integration of the Knoxville City Schools on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2012. Bedelle is a former Knoxville City Schools Superintendent who served as the assistant personnel director when Knoxville City Schools and Knox County Schools merged

Gail Upton, of Clinton 12, speaks at West Valley

Gail Upton, one of 12 black students who integrated Clinton Hogh School in 1956. On Friday, she spoke to students at West Valley Middle School about her experiences.

Sweetwater Valley Farms

Tennessee’s dairy industry has seen its share of tough times. But one Tennessee dairy is thriving becuase of marketing, diversification and efforts to educate others about what they do.

William Weber, Tennessee Governor’s Chair

William Weber, who came to UT Knoxville and ORNL from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, is an internationally recognized leader and expert on the interaction of nuclear radiation and charged particle beams with solids. His work primarily focuses on the use of ion beams to conduct fundamental studies of radiation effects in materials, to structurally [...]

Arts creates new learning opportunity for students

Mooreland Heights Elementary has infused the arts with it’s core curriculum of math, science, social studies and reading and is seeing results. Last year, the district decided to expand the initiative to four more schools. Brandi Self talks about the initiative and it’s importance.

Students learn math with the help of sandwich

Third graders at Mooreland Heights Elementary built a 50 foot Subway sandwich and then used the meal to learn and practice their measuring.

Students, parents get sneak peek of new school

Students and parents of Coulter Grove Intermediate in Maryville get their first look at the school which open next year.

Troop leader shares concerns on school facilities issue

Girl Scout leader Tricia Saylor talks about moving her troop meetings to her home after being charged to use a school building.

Overflow Church worships at Dogwood Elementary

With Knox County Schools reviewing it’s policies and procedures on the community’s use of school facilities, lead pastor of Overfliw Church, Josh Duncan, comments on the issue.

Bringing the World of Jazz to Students

Gregory Tardy, a jazz saxophone assistant professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, has performed on every continent except Australia and worked with artists who have a variety of musical styles, ranging from traditional to avant-garde. In every instance, Tardy strives to accommodate each musician’s flair while maintaining his own voice and making the experience [...]

Austin East Youth Bank

SunTrust opens a Youth Bank branch at Austin East High School to teach students about saving. Students were filmed banking on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011.

LPAC 2011: Ron Paul – Pt. 4

Congressman Ron Paul speaks at LPAC 2011.

LPAC 2011: Ron Paul – Pt. 3

Congressman Ron Paul speaks at LPAC 2011.

LPAC 2011: Ron Paul – Pt. 2

Congressman Ron Paul speaks at LPAC 2011.


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