Knoxville Videos

Aqua Arthritis Exercise

In the past, arthritis patients often shunned exercise because it was feared movement would mean more pain. But now it’s proven certain workouts can help.

Disability Exercise

Living with a disability is a challenge, but when exercise and proper nutrition are part of the plan-it’s often a positive situation.

STEM Academy students use Downtown YMCA for PE class

STEM Academy students are using the Downtown YMCA for PE class. With the school being technology based, students are also coming up with workout goals that they will monitor on their iPads throughout the year.

Power U

A typical school day for kids includes lessons in reading, math and science.But many elementary students in Tennessee are also learning about the benefits of exercise and good nutrition.

Healthy Hartsville Update

Many people in one rural Tennessee community spent the past year eating a better diet and exercising more. Now organizers of the “Get Healthy Hartsville” campaign say there’s documented proof that people have improved their lives tremendously.

Pet Exercise

A common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and exercise more, and a great way to get motivated is to have a partner.But that work-out mate doesn’t necessarily have to be human.

Every Child Outdoors

It’s known that many children today are overweight or in poor health – and some experts believe it’s partly because of a lack of outdoor play-time. UT AgResearchers are among many groups in Tennessee promoting a program called “Every Child Outdoors.”

School Exercise Balls

Kids spend a lot of time sitting in school, but what if those moments could actually be used to increase their fitness? Students at a Tennessee elementary school have some out-of-the-ordinary seating arrangements during lessons.

Teacher Exercise

Teachers in one Tennessee district are talking physical fitness – not just for their students, but for themselves. UT Extension has a program where teachers work to improve their own health.

Get Healthy Hartsville

Energized people are lacing up their running shoes and skipping dessert to get healthier in one small Tennessee town. UT Extension wants to improve the quality of life for residents here through a new program.

Master Your Body

We all need to get moving. Exercise is critical for weight control and overall good health. But for many busy people, finding the time to work out is a real challenge.

Healthy Steps

Blame our poor diets, lack of exercise and lifestyle – and the result is a nation of overweight and obese people. Now there are shocking numbers a large percentage of children under the age of five are also at an unhealthy weight.

Wii Exercise

It doesn’t seem like a good match – video games and exercise. But a very popular video system does have a physical component to it. UT Extension is using the Nintendo Wii (“wee”) to get kids moving.

Vet Fat Camp

Many pets are like their owners — a few pounds too heavy. The UT College of Veterinary Medicine works with animals in a special “Fat Camp” program where the focus is a better diet and increased exercise for pets.

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