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Operation Military Kids Chef Camp

Some kids of our military recently had a chance to attend a very special Tennessee 4-H Camp, where they learned some unique skills.

The Hamery

A Tennessee agricultural tradition is passed from one generation to the next and the resultus are downright tasty.

Hunger Simulation

Tne government reports one in six Americans struggle with hunger. That’s nearly 50 million of us. One way to raise awareness here is to have people experience the struggles faced by low-income families.

Storm Preperation

Spring weather can be beautiful bit it can also quickly turn dangerous. This time of year in Tennessee is when we see frequent storms and sometimes tornadoes. There are steps you can take to protect your family and UT Extension offers tips on storm preparedness.

Soil Testing

The arrival of spring means trees, plants, flowers, and lawns are coming to life. But if you’re looking for a healthy garden or green grass, it’s good to know the content of your soil.

4-H Health Rocks

Some Tennessee children are part of a healthy-living cirriculum taught statewide where kids learn to avoid alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. The Tennessee 4-H “Health Rocks” program emphasizes reisiting peer pressure and never starting these harmful habits

4-H Consumer Team

Teenagers are some of the most active consumers in our economy-spending more than 200 billion dollars a year. But what about their decision-making skills when it comes to their money? Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are learning new skills as part of a consumer team.


Tennessee produces a high number of goats and sheep, but for small animal farmers ,their herds can sometimes face health risks.

Ag Year Preview

Spring is almost here and it’s just about time for Tennessee farmers to plant their 2012 crops.

Exchange Student

A city kid from halfway around the world is getting the full experience of Tennessee farm life.

Online Scams

Don’t be a victim of an online scam.

Restaurants Buy Local Foods

Many Tennessee restaurant owners report that when it comes to the foods they prepare and serve, they prefer to buy from local farmers. Heres’s a place where locally grown is appreciated by both the cooks and the customers

Aqua Arthritis Exercise

In the past, arthritis patients often shunned exercise because it was feared movement would mean more pain. But now it’s proven certain workouts can help.

Disability Exercise

Living with a disability is a challenge, but when exercise and proper nutrition are part of the plan-it’s often a positive situation.

Rural Families Speak

UT Extension is working in two Tennessee counties to teach young mothers about money management and healthy living. Here’s more on a program called “Rural Families Speak.”

Sweetwater Valley Farms

Tennessee’s dairy industry has seen its share of tough times. But one Tennessee dairy is thriving becuase of marketing, diversification and efforts to educate others about what they do.

Food Storage

The holidays often include buying extra groceries, and then lots of leftovers. Many people think holiday foods actually taste better the following day. But there are steps to avoid having those leftovers make you sick.

Healthy Foods

Holiday meals and treats are often jam-packed with sugar, fats and loads of calories. But delicious foods this time of year can be good for you. UT Extension held several healthy eating and cooking workshops around the state this season.

4 H Holiday Collection

This holiday season some Tennessee 4-H’ers are giving the gift of clothing – and compassion – to help the needy in their hometown. It’s a Christmas collection effort that also teaches young people a valuable lesson.

eBay Christmas

The Christmas shopping season is here and for many people it will be a challenge to afford gifts for loved ones. But there is a way to earn extra cash during the holidays. Online selling can boost your income this time of year.

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