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Food vs. Fuel

The green movement includes producing biofuels as a way to help the environment. But some consumers are concerned that growing crops for ethanol will mean a decreased food supply and higher prices at the grocery store. UT Ag Researchers are studying what could be a compromise between food and fuel.

Center for Renewable Carbon

Our future economy is based in part on our ability to find new sources of fuel – especially to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. AgResearchers at UT are developing ways of converting renewable carbon sources from plants into fuels and other products.

Solar Project

Sunny days often improve our disposition, but could bright sunlight also provide much-needed power and energy? Some UT students are working to harness solar radiation as a way to heat and cool our homes and fuel our lifestyles.

Biofuel Refinery Groundbreaking

Many believe America must find new ways to create energy and fuel in the future. UT recently started construction on a biorefinery where there will be research on the manufacture of biofuels from agricultural products.

Farmer Input Costs

Food prices have been going up lately, but so are the production costs for farmers who grow what we eat. Farm expenses are at record highs for Tennessee row-crop producers now.

Wood for Biomass

America must find alternative sources for fuel and energy in the future. Traditionally we think of corn ethanol and other crops that can be converted – but Tennessee’s vast forests might also someday be used for biomass.

Biofuel Students

Someday you could go to college and earn a degree in biofuel production. It’s an academic major being developed at the UT Institute of Agriculture.

More Corn

Inspired by the ethanol boom – American farmers intend to plant 90 million acres of corn this year – the highest total since World War Two. In Tennessee, our producers are doing the same.

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