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Healthy Foods

Holiday meals and treats are often jam-packed with sugar, fats and loads of calories. But delicious foods this time of year can be good for you. UT Extension held several healthy eating and cooking workshops around the state this season.

Power U

A typical school day for kids includes lessons in reading, math and science.But many elementary students in Tennessee are also learning about the benefits of exercise and good nutrition.


It’s rare to find a food that’s both good-tasting and good for you. But with blueberries-you get both.

Get Healthy Hartsville

Energized people are lacing up their running shoes and skipping dessert to get healthier in one small Tennessee town. UT Extension wants to improve the quality of life for residents here through a new program.

Healthy Steps

Blame our poor diets, lack of exercise and lifestyle – and the result is a nation of overweight and obese people. Now there are shocking numbers a large percentage of children under the age of five are also at an unhealthy weight.

Organic Vegetables

It’s amazing how Mother Earth can provide many of the foods we eat – including healthy vegetables. UT researchers are studying how best to grow these crops, and part of that work involves organic farming.

4-H Holiday Cooking

During the holidays, it’s tempting to eat lots of high-calorie foods. It seems like we’re surrounded by Christmas goodies. Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are learning to bake healthful foods they can enjoy at Christmas and all times of the year.

Ritter Farm

Most would agree we’d all be healthier if we added more fruits and vegetables to our diet. But before we can eat those good foods, farmers have to grow them.

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