Knoxville Videos

Ag Degrees Interview

Interview with Dr. Caula Beyl, Dean of the University of Tennessee College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources on the value of degrees in agriculture.

Tennessee State Parks Study

Tennessee’s state parks are beautiful and a boost to our economy. That’s from a study by the UT Institute of Agriculture-which says the parks pump millions of dollars into our communities and create thousands of jobs.


Several Tennessee Communities are looking to grow – by creating more jobs and encouraging small business ventures. UT Extension is one of several organizations working in a rural economic development program called CREST.

Career Transitions

There are signs the economy may be improving, but many Tennesseans are still looking for work in these tough times. “Career Transitions” is a program in a number of towns to help job seekers make connections, and stay hopeful.

Student Careers & Money

Millions of young people head off for their freshman year of college with the hope theyll someday graduate and get a great job. But during their school days, many rack up thousands of dollars in debt.

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