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Operation Military Kids Chef Camp

Some kids of our military recently had a chance to attend a very special Tennessee 4-H Camp, where they learned some unique skills.


Covenant Health 2012 Kids Run HD 30

4-H Health Rocks

Some Tennessee children are part of a healthy-living cirriculum taught statewide where kids learn to avoid alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. The Tennessee 4-H “Health Rocks” program emphasizes reisiting peer pressure and never starting these harmful habits

4-H Consumer Team

Teenagers are some of the most active consumers in our economy-spending more than 200 billion dollars a year. But what about their decision-making skills when it comes to their money? Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are learning new skills as part of a consumer team.

ETCH Healthy Kids SS APRIL 21 • Knoxville, TN

ETCH Healthy Kids CPR APRIL 2 HD 30

Revised 2012 Covenant Health Kids Run MONTAGE

Revised 2012 Covenant Health Kids Run HD

2012 Kids Run Revised Montage for Web

Covenant Health 2012 Kids Run HD 30 REV

Covenant Health 2012 Kids Run HD 15 REV

2012 Kids Run Footage for

2012 Covenant Health Kids Run HD 30

2012 Covenant Health Kids Run HD

Unicoi GPS Kids

It’s using technology so that others may enjoy the outdoors. Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are using computerized GPS systems to map portions of the Appalachian Trail.


Day care is far more than just babysitting. It’s a critical start to a child’s education. UT Extension helps train day care providers in Tennessee — to prepare them for the challenges of working with children.

4-H Pottery

Mankind has been making dishes, cups and bowls out of clay for thousands of years.Today pottery is still one way we create beautiful eating utensils – as well as vases and flower pots. Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are practicing this ancient art form.


Every day we see things that can be improved in our communities, but how can we show others? There’s a program in one Tennessee town where kids capture images with cameras to document issues facing their area.

Power U

A typical school day for kids includes lessons in reading, math and science.But many elementary students in Tennessee are also learning about the benefits of exercise and good nutrition.

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