Knoxville Videos

Market Square WBIR ID HD 10

Farmer’s Market

It’s perhaps America’s tastiest holiday-Thanksgiving. In Tennessee, a trip to your local farmer’s market might be a great way to shop for your holiday feast.

LPAC 2011: Walter Block – Pt.1

Dr. Walter Block speaks to the crowd at LPAC 2011.

Lunch at Litton’s Market and Restaurant

Knoxville is home to Litton’s Market and Restaurant in Fountain City. Here you’ll get more than a delicious burger and scrumptious pie, you’ll find real people who care about the food they prepare and the people eating it.

Memphis Market

Tennessee’s largest urban area is getting an agricultural edge to it. A new Farmer’s Market is open in Memphis, and it’s part of a major revitalization effort.


If you’re traveling by a Tennessee farm, a hillside covered with grazing goats is a common sight. Our state is second nationally in the number of goats, and these animals generate a growing market for their meat and milk.

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