Knoxville Videos

Oncology UTCVM 2012

Veterinary oncology at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine.

Adolph Hitler Cat wants to Come Inside Really Badly!

Puppy Kindergarten

The most effective learning starts at an early age. That goes for children and our pets. Some young canines are getting their first taste of education at “Puppy Kindergarten” at the UT Vet School.

Pet Exercise

A common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and exercise more, and a great way to get motivated is to have a partner.But that work-out mate doesn’t necessarily have to be human.

UT College of Veterinary Medicine Promo #1

Take Pride, Tennessee, in your veterinary college. The University of Tennessee boasts the only veterinary academic medical center in the state…providing the region with sophisticated services-including equine MRI, an extensive medical team of board-certified specialists offering 24-hr care, and scientists making new discoveries affecting the equine population. 1 of only 28 veterinary colleges in the [...]

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