Knoxville Videos

Farmers Prep for 2011

This time every year, Tennessee’s farmers have to make careful decisions about what crops to plant, and how many acres. Early indications are it will be a big year for soybeans, but cotton is also making a strong comeback.

Cotton Irrigation

Like all crops in Tennessee, cotton is hurting because of this summer’s drought. Researchers with UT’s Institute of Agriculture are studying how cotton reacts to a lack of moisture — and just how much water is enough for a plant to grow.

Memphis Master Gardeners

Just about everyone wants their community to be a better place. That’s the idea behind the hard work of volunteers in the statewide Master Gardener program.


It’s everywhere, and growing. Kudzu was once considered an exotic plant, but now we think of it more as a landscaping or agricultural nuisance. The rapidly-growing vine is a real problem in Tennessee, but UT scientists have advice about limiting its spread.

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