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KTC 2012 Youth Athletics Program

Lincoln Memorial University 2012 Law Program HD 30

Disability Exercise

Living with a disability is a challenge, but when exercise and proper nutrition are part of the plan-it’s often a positive situation.

Rural Families Speak

UT Extension is working in two Tennessee counties to teach young mothers about money management and healthy living. Here’s more on a program called “Rural Families Speak.”

Healthy Hartsville Update

Many people in one rural Tennessee community spent the past year eating a better diet and exercising more. Now organizers of the “Get Healthy Hartsville” campaign say there’s documented proof that people have improved their lives tremendously.

Teacher Money Program

Tennessee high school students are now required to learn about personal finance as part of their education. UT Extension is involved in training the teachers before they pass on money management skills to their students.

Lambs at School

There’s no better way to learn about responsibility than to care for another living thing. That’s the lesson for Vocational – Agriculture students at a Tennessee High School as they raise lambs to sheep-hood.

Field Trips at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame

The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame offers educational field trips for grades Kindergarten through fifth grade students. Visit for more information.


Several Tennessee Communities are looking to grow – by creating more jobs and encouraging small business ventures. UT Extension is one of several organizations working in a rural economic development program called CREST.

Teacher Exercise

Teachers in one Tennessee district are talking physical fitness – not just for their students, but for themselves. UT Extension has a program where teachers work to improve their own health.

Career Transitions

There are signs the economy may be improving, but many Tennesseans are still looking for work in these tough times. “Career Transitions” is a program in a number of towns to help job seekers make connections, and stay hopeful.


Tennessee has more caves than any other US state. Thats according to environmental groups who have mapped more than 9000 caves in the state. Some 4-Hers got an introduction to spelunking in a summertime program.

Afterschool Program

The hours between the final school bell and the dinner bell can still be a time of learning. That’s the take of child experts with UT Extension-who coordinate After-School programs all around Tennessee.

SNAP Program

A record number of Tennesseans – nearly one in six – now receive food stamps. UT Extension has a program to help people learn to use this federal assistance to purchase nutritious foods.

Baby & Me

Sometimes young girls become parents before theyre really ready emotionally. But that doesnt mean they cant be a good mom. UT Extension teaches parenting skills to teens and young adults in a program called Baby and Me.

4-H Leadership

Effective leaders make good things happen. Thats a general definition adults in Tennessee 4-H use to teach kids about leadership. 4-H has a special program where kids practice their leadership skills.

Safe Side

No parent can watch their child every minute of the day. Kids have to learn to stay safe on their own. UT Extension has a program called Safe Side thats taught to students in many Tennessee schools.

Beef Program

As the years go by, one thing remains constant in Tennessee agriculture – beef cattle farming is our number one commodity. Tennessee farmers are joining with producers from a border state to enhance markets and improve their overall product.

Tennessee Saves

We need money to live. Many of us will earn millions of dollars over the course of our working lives. But it’s easy for cash to slip through our fingers.

Teachers & Forestry

Most Tennessee schools are either back in session, or just about to ring the school bell for the first time this year. But for many teachers, summer was hardly a vacation from their own brand of learning.

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