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Whittle Springs Middle School students learn about engineering

Students from Whittle Springs Middle School learn about science and engineering while visiting with students in the Center for Ultra-Wide-Area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks (CURENT) program in the Min H. Kao Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building at the University of Tennesssee Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

4-H Health Rocks

Some Tennessee children are part of a healthy-living cirriculum taught statewide where kids learn to avoid alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs. The Tennessee 4-H “Health Rocks” program emphasizes reisiting peer pressure and never starting these harmful habits

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Sacred Heart Cathedral School participates in international ‘Pinwheels for Peace’ project

On International Peace Day Sept. 21, 2011, students at Sacred Heart Cathedral School participated in an international art and literacy project called “Pinwheels for Peace.” They “planted” pinwheels with messages of peace in front of the school and cathedral. The word “peace” and similar messages were written on more than 600 pinwheels created by the [...]

4-H School Supplies

When the school bell rings in some Tennessee districts soon, students will have new supplies — courtesy of a generous effort by young people.The students were impacted by floods along the Mississippi River, which damaged their homes and farmland.

Teacher Money Program

Tennessee high school students are now required to learn about personal finance as part of their education. UT Extension is involved in training the teachers before they pass on money management skills to their students.

School of Music Groundbreaking

On Wednesday, Nov. 10, UT Knoxville celebrated the breaking of ground on the Natalie L. Haslam Music Center, a new, technology-enhanced building for the UT School of Music. The proposed four-floor, 123000-square-foot building is named for Natalie Haslam, a graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences and a music and arts enthusiast. Read more [...]

Lambs at School

There’s no better way to learn about responsibility than to care for another living thing. That’s the lesson for Vocational – Agriculture students at a Tennessee High School as they raise lambs to sheep-hood.

School Exercise Balls

Kids spend a lot of time sitting in school, but what if those moments could actually be used to increase their fitness? Students at a Tennessee elementary school have some out-of-the-ordinary seating arrangements during lessons.

School Grocery

Some Tennessee elementary school students are learning valuable lessons about food and money at the grocery. But this store is a little different, it’s just down the hall from their classroom.

Student Careers & Money

Millions of young people head off for their freshman year of college with the hope theyll someday graduate and get a great job. But during their school days, many rack up thousands of dollars in debt.

HBOT Horse

A beautiful Tennessee walking horse badly-burned in a fire is recovering well – helped by some amazing technology. The horse named Patty Cake received skin grafts and therapy in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at UTs College of Veterinary Medicine.

Parents as Teachers

A childs education begins years before their first day of school, and their moms and dads are their first real instructors. Theres a program in Tennessee called Parents as Teachers to help make sure a childs development is on pace.


It can be a tough task getting kids fired up about science. But its doable when you interject a little wonder and fun. Thats the idea behind the Science, Engineering and Technology program with Tennessee 4-H.

Safe Side

No parent can watch their child every minute of the day. Kids have to learn to stay safe on their own. UT Extension has a program called Safe Side thats taught to students in many Tennessee schools.

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