Knoxville Videos

Hunger Simulation

Tne government reports one in six Americans struggle with hunger. That’s nearly 50 million of us. One way to raise awareness here is to have people experience the struggles faced by low-income families.

CBID Shopping Cut 002 HD

Knoxville CBID Shopping

Downtown Knoxville continues to grow and change every day. But one thing is constant, it’s a place that hums with activity. Festivals, concerts, world-class entertainment, and cultural attractions fill Market Square, the historic Old City, Volunteer Landing and World’s Fair Park year round. Downtown Knoxville is also a place where business gets done in East [...]

4-H Consumer Team

Teenagers are some of the most active consumers in our economy-spending more than 200 billion dollars a year. But what about their decision-making skills when it comes to their money? Some Tennessee 4-H’ers are learning new skills as part of a consumer team.

eBay Christmas

The Christmas shopping season is here and for many people it will be a challenge to afford gifts for loved ones. But there is a way to earn extra cash during the holidays. Online selling can boost your income this time of year.

Shop Turkey Creek in Knoxville, Tennessee – You can get everything you need in the Turkey Creek shopping center. Upscale boutiques, clothing stores, and fine dining are just a few of the things that Turkey Creek has to offer in Knoxville, Tennessee.

South’s Finest Chocolate Factory in Downtown Knoxville, Tenneessee – The South’s Finest Chocolate Factory in Downtown Knoxville, Tennessee located at World’s Fair Park produces over 100 fine chocolates and candies.

Mall Mania

The mall has been a favorite hangout for teenagers for several decades now – and young people have money to spend there. But sometimes kids can be impulse shoppers and those dollars can disappear quickly. UT Extension has a program called Mall Mania to help here.

Holiday Food Gifts

Given our recent economy, gift-giving will be a financial challenge for many families this Christmas. But you can take care of people on your shopping list in your own home. Experts with UT Extension say foods and crafts are inexpensive and thoughtful presents.

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