Knoxville Videos

Alumni Memories: Derek Shropshire

Derek Shropshire, a College of Arts and Sciences Class of 2012 English major, talks about his favorite memory and plans for the future.

Alumni Memories: Jordan Hicks

Jordan Hicks, a member of the UT College of Communication and Information’s Class of 2012, and his parents share their thoughts on graduating today.

Living Light

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Living Light home is a collaboration by 120 students from 9 different disciplines on campus to design and build a solar house. This 750 square foot home is inspired by the history and culture of East Tennessee and integrates off-the-shelf building materials in innovative ways.

Arts creates new learning opportunity for students

Mooreland Heights Elementary has infused the arts with it’s core curriculum of math, science, social studies and reading and is seeing results. Last year, the district decided to expand the initiative to four more schools. Brandi Self talks about the initiative and it’s importance.

STEM Academy students use Downtown YMCA for PE class

STEM Academy students are using the Downtown YMCA for PE class. With the school being technology based, students are also coming up with workout goals that they will monitor on their iPads throughout the year.

4-H School Supplies

When the school bell rings in some Tennessee districts soon, students will have new supplies — courtesy of a generous effort by young people.The students were impacted by floods along the Mississippi River, which damaged their homes and farmland.

More Students Say ‘Thank You’

It’s Faculty Appreciation Week at the University of Tennessee, and some of our students wanted to say “thank you” to the faculty members who have meant the most to them. This week we’re celebrating our faculty and their teaching, research and outreach. Their work is a big part of what makes UT Knoxville the great [...]

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