Knoxville Videos

River Cleanup

May is a traditional month for graduations, but some UT students are doing volunteer work around their campus before starting life before college. Agriculture students worked to clean up the Tennessee River and some of its tributaries of plant growth and trash.

Obed Watershed

If you see a pretty flowing river in Tennessee, know there are many creeks and streams that feed into it. A group of volunteers on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau are working to preserve the water in these tributaries.

Little River Facilty

It’s long been an issue in farming-how can we be productive in agriculture and still protect the environment? UT AgResearch has a new facility dedicated to that cause.

Pond Management

Search a Tennessee meadow, and you may come across an exclamation point of beauty-a pond teaming with wildlife. UT Extension helps landowners build and maintain ponds as a source of water, and as habitat for fish, water fowl and other animals.

Flood Impact

We won’t know the impact recent floods in Tennessee had on agriculture until the fall harvest. But it’s clear the heavy rains and rising waters did affect our farming industry-likely at a cost of millions of dollars.

Jones Creek Project

The recent floods in Tennessee have had a significant impact on farming and agricultural research. UT Extension was working on a project to improve water quality in on Tennessee creek, when suddenly researchers had to deal with a lot more water.

Cotton Irrigation

Like all crops in Tennessee, cotton is hurting because of this summer’s drought. Researchers with UT’s Institute of Agriculture are studying how cotton reacts to a lack of moisture — and just how much water is enough for a plant to grow.

Pond Creek

The water quality in a number of ponds and creeks on Tennessee farms can be poor and unhealthy for animals and people. Researchers with UT Extension are studying the issue, and looking for solutions to the problem of dirty water.

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